Thursday, March 18, 2010

Overdue Re-Do...

What a great day today at The Lone Star Antique Mall. An overdue booth re-do, a great lunch in the Tea Room, and meeting some of our very loyal customers for the first does not get much better than that. For Valentine's Day, we brought in some bright red and mixed it with the pink. Today we took out the red and added some black. I think the black and pink looks great. It always takes a lot longer than it should to do a booth re-do cause you have to stop and talk to ALL the other dealers. Lone Star is blessed with some wonderful dealers. Plus it is fun to get to spend the day with Mom!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I am Back!

Hey All....I am back in the blogging world. Yahoo! Thanks for the notes while I was MIA! Nothing spectacular to report, just extremely busy at work and having to travel A LOT! Spent last week in San, if I did not love Texas so much, I could move there! We have also somewhat neglected our when I am in town it always seems like the weather is bad. We decided to bring in some new stuff later this week and I got worried that I did not have much to take. Started moving stuff in the garage and realized we actually have quite a bit. Looks like the pink booth will be getting the redo as a majority of the inventory is pink, black or white. Took some pictures in the driveway to share with you guys. We will probably be at the Mall on Thursday if anyone wants to stop in a say hello. I also just got a call extending an invitation to join my friends at the Homestead Antique Fair in Hico, Texas on May 7 & 8th. Dorothy from the Shabby Y and Felicia from Bountiful did the show last year and have raved every since. They talked me into trying it but I told them they are going to have to help me as I have never done a show before. What better mentors than these two! I have to start planning ASAP as it is only 2 months away and I have a 17x12 booth to fill...YIKES! Could use some advice from all you pros. Help me out!