Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Color as Promised...

Here is some color as promised. These are pictures from our Pink Booth. Probably not the time of year for all the spring and pink as everyone is in the mood for fall...but I can't help it. Maybe it is my last hurrah for Spring! The last time I posted pictures of the wood and glass cabinet holding all of Mom's perfume, I got some emails about the price....Sorry, but it is not for sell. Tinna from Dream in Cream brought it to the mall and before she could unload it, we snatched it up to use for a locking case in our booth. It is WONDERFUL! Mom, Teresa, Debbie, Kenny and I are leaving for Warrenton on Thursday morning and are so very excited. They say that Disney World is the happiest place on earth, but I think Warrenton is! Talk to you guys when we get back.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Cream, Brown, Gold & Rust Lovers...

Okay...you guys know I love color, but just to show you that I like creams, browns, golds and rusts...here are pictures from our booth re-do this week. I did not have a clue what I was going to do in the booth this time but I had found these great old shabby cabinet doors without the glass and knew I could do something with them. Starting hanging them on the wall and it all came together. Some of you may have seen pictures on Tinna's blog (Dream in Cream) of her new Cello. I barely set it up on the chest when she came over and fell in love. Brian Piccolo (that is what I named it) found a wonderful home with my friend Tinna! She also broke me away from the mess I had to have lunch with her and Lynn...Thanks it was GREAT! When I got back, birdcages had already sold off the wall...Yahoo! Don't fear my pink, blue and color lovers...I re-did all 3 booths and will post some colorful pictures later this week. Counting down to Warrenton...Can't wait to see everyone. I am not going until the last weekend, so be a friend and leave me some stuff to buy!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I Like Old Doorstops...

Okay, I know nothing about old doorstops except that I like them! Some of these may actually be new and made to look old, but I like them! No idea of the value (if any), but I like them! In case you did not get the message, I like old (or made to look old) doorstops. I once saw in a magazine a mantel that was covered in these and have liked the idea since. If you see me at Warrenton and have some old doorstops...you know I am a sucker!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Memories Thru Lunch Boxes...

Several years ago I decided to buy the two lunch boxes I remembered having as a child (Mickey Mouse and The Partridge Family). Sixty lunch boxes later...I HAVE TO STOP! Such memories with each one. I posted some of my favorite music lunchboxes today. Whether you loved Bobby Sherman, The Osmonds, The Brady Bunch, The Bee Gees or as I did, The Partridges...we packed our bologna sandwiches, chips, cookie and Kool Aid each day and headed for school. I read that in the 80's, they stopped making metal lunchboxes when a family sued after their kid got hit in the head with one. A shame as they now hold such memories for our generation. Enjoy and let me know what lunch box you had and loved????

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big Sale at Lone Star Antique Mall...

There is a BIG SALE going on at Lone Star Antique Mall! I went around to take pictures of some of my favorite booths, but before I could get to them all the batteries in my camera went dead...UGH! So here are a few that I got just in time. Most of the vendors are keeping the sale going through the end of the month, so come on in and buy, buy, buy!

Monday, September 7, 2009

3 Day Weekend of Junkin'


What do you do when you have a 3 day weekend...go junkin'! We had a great time this weekend at Canton Trade Days and then touring some local antique malls and junk shops in Fort Worth. Good Sales and Good Deals! We had to make 4 trips to the car in Canton with 2 carts full each time (see the picture of just one of our carts full). Gotta clean some of this stuff up and decide what goes to our booths, what stays in my house and what goes to our new lake house....probably not much will make it to the mall if history repeats itself. It was a great weekend...I hope yours was too!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Canton & Girls Gone Junkin'

We had a GREAT time at Canton Trade Days yesterday. Found so many wonderful treasures (both for the antique mall and the new lake house). These are the wonderful girls from "Girls Gone Junkin'". I took lots of pictures, but had so many wonderful ones of their booth, that today's post is all about them. I always arrive and walk quickly to get to their booth. They do so many fantastic things and have such great prices (plus it is always fun to laugh and chat with them). You can visit their blog at http://girlsgonejunkin.blogspot.com/ and keep up with all their buys lives and vintage/jewelry stuff. I will post some of my treasures next week....great finds!