Sunday, June 27, 2010

What is Wrong With This Picture????

What is wrong with this picture???? Could it be that this is a 3 car garage WITH NO CAR IN IT! have figured out the problem....good eye! Luckily, we have not had any horrible weather and the car is fine sitting outside, but I have to get organized! When my garage doors are up, I expect the producer form Hoarders to stop by and offer an intervention (or maybe even the guys from American Pickers). You take my own stuff (yard equipment, refrigerator, paint, pool supplies, other assorted necessities, and stuff I just can't part with), combined with stuff for resale and a mass of Halloween decorations....and you have a garage that is out of control. My very favorite holiday is Halloween and I transform my front yard into a haunted cemetery every year. What respectable haunted cemetery can exist without at least 25 headstones, 2 coffins, 3 fog machines, several stand up ghouls and TONS of scary stuff? Thus the last 3 pictures! I have made a spring cleaning commitment that I will not go to bed each night until I have done something to clean out the garage a little. I have so far at least divided the resale stuff into needs work and is ready to go! My goal is to have the car in the garage by the 4th of July holidays (it is the small things in life). It has been SO VERY HOT in Texas that spending any time out there has been a challenge, but I am making headway. Keep your eyes peeled and sometime next week I should be posting pics of a happy and hidden car...if I survive!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Eclectic Departure....

You know what you get when you sell a 4 piece dining room set out of your booth???? A floor full of dishes! So you rush to the garage to see what you have and start to clump pieces together that match....the biggest pile wins. Who knew I had been buying so much white, black and silver???? You cram it in your SUV and head for the mall with no image at all of what this will look like. I must admit, I was a little worried as I looked in the back of my car in the rear view mirror and saw all this junk...I mean treasures. As I unloaded all this stuff and piled it in the middle of our booth, I know other vendors thought I had lost my mind. You finally pick a spot and just start hanging stuff and slowly, it all starts to click. A little more eclectic than we have done before, but fun! Now the true test...seeing if any of it sells. I can't decide if shopping for this stuff or decorating with it is more fun????

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Little Pink Update...

Okay, for all of my new Hico Homestead Show friends and followers...No, you are not at the wrong blog. We have a pink frilly booth in addition to the rusty barn booth. This is the booth where I place the furniture, hang the awnings and lights...then step back and watch Mom go to pink, frilly heaven. From old perfume bottles to crocheted doilies to dishes to dresses...if you like pink, you have found your place. One of our best sellers from this booth are the doilies. Mom buys them and spends a lot of time washing and starching them. They look so clean and crisp when she gets done. I keep telling her she is selling them toooooo cheap, but she says she loves doing is therapeutic. Don't you love the ballerina hanging light. The wonderful Theresa @ did this and I bought if from her at Warrenton (Zapp Hall). If you go to Warrenton, make sure you stop by and tell her howdy....she is awesome (and no Theresa, the pink awning is still not for sale). Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Okay...It is a SICKNESS!

Okay, I admit it. I have a shopping sickness! Have gone out the last few weekends and once again, my garage is FULL. The worst part is when I get it home, I want to keep it all. Maybe I should start selling stuff I don't like???? Here are a few pieces that will probably find a place in my home and not at Lone Star Antiques. My friend Tracy was with me both weekends and he just laughs as I buy stuff....knowing full well I will probably keep it. The blue dresser is going to replace a piece of furniture in a guest room. The burlap lamp shade has not found a place yet...but probably will and the Tea Room sign I think is going to the lake. We had a GREAT time in Canton last weekend. Got some great stuff and met some wonderful people. We stopped by LaurieAnna's and finally got to meet the crew. They are always so busy on Canton weekends and I hate to interrupt. How wonderful they are. Of course, found some treasures we just had to have. If you have not been to her store in Canton...don't walk...RUN! We worked on our booths this week also, I will get some pictures posted soon. Have a great (COOL) week.