Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blue Christmas...

Did you think I had dropped off the face of the earth?  Nope, just living on a plane and in hotels recently.  It does not give me much time to work on the booths or to blog...SORRY!  Finally go the time at home to re-do and spruce up the booths.  These pictures are from the front booth and all about the BLUE!  It was really fun to do and I think Elvis would be proud of the Blue Christmas.  Thanks for checking in despite my absence...I will post some updated pictures from the Red Booth soon.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Is Yellow Out????

I love yellow but have noticed that it has not sold well for me in the booths.  Am I yellow it a seasonal color????  I find it cheerful and happy.  As much as I like it, I did realize that I don't have a lot of it in my house.  Hmmmmm. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Homestead Fall Antique Fair....Mark Your Calendar!

Mark Your Calendar!  The Homestead Fall Antique Fair is October 12 and 13th in Hico, Texas.  Such a wonderful show and so many talented dealers there.  I have been getting ready and have found some wonderful things....come out and see us!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Booth Re-Do...

Well, the temperatures drop below 90 degrees and I am quickly in the mood for fall!  We loaded up the trailer and headed to the mall and began our fall transformation in the front booth.  What I found out was that I am already behind!  Most of the other dealers had already been in and the mall was filled with beautiful colors of orange, yellow and brown.  We had it all decked out and ready when I realized I did not bring my camera.  So this afternoon, I drove to the mall with camera in hand only to discover the batteries were dead.  So here are some shots I took with my phone....not the greatest, but you get the picture.  It is really pretty at the mall if you love fall...come out and visit!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Inspiration for my Cabinets????

I have been contemplating whitewashing my cabinets for over a year and just have not found the motivation to do so.  I think I might have found it on Pinterest!  Isn't this cabinet AWESOME!  It looks like it might have been a store display at one time.  I love the drawers being a slightly darker color.  Look out kitchen, here I come!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Inspiration for the Fall Homestead Show....

I must confess that I have been without any inspiration about what to do at the Fall Homestead Show in Hico.  I usually have an idea or a piece that shapes my thoughts about the booth immediately following the Spring Show.  Then I stumbled upon the wonderful old industrial cart!  It is the perfect piece to get my brain working on some great rusty ideas.  Now I must also confess...those of you that know me well know that this could change 50 times before the show!  But for right now, this is my inspiration.  The Homestead Spring Show is October 12th and 13th.  Mark your calendars! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Front Booth Make-Over!

I know, I know....It is about time that I re-did the front booth!  Where does the time go????  Just wanted to share a few quick pictures of the front booth make-over.  They were closing and turning out the lights and I did not have time to run to the car and get my here are some not so great (quick) shots taken with my phone.  I am particularly in love with the hotel maids cart and the bow ties.  I bought these bow ties a while back and struggled with the best way to display.  So I went on E-bay and bought some old starched colors to put them on.  Still could not figure a cool way to show them off....until I stumbled upon this old store fixture (I think it was for bags of chips).  Now I think they show off perfect!  It was fun playing in the booths...I have not done this in a while.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Staircases to Heaven....

I don't know what it is about a beautiful, grand staircase that can take your breath away!

They can be such beautiful art in any home setting.

Sometimes they are the major focal point of a room....

Sometimes you can picture Scarlett coming down the stairs in that gown that was made from the curtains...

And sometimes they are more breathtaking than practical...

They don't always have to be grand...

or even in good shape

...for us to appreciate their beauty!

They make beautiful settings for a special occasion...

...or just a beautiful setting.
Although you would have to live in a mansion to have most of these staircases, they are fun to look at and dream of the home that they grace.  I would feel funny in my shorts and flip-flops going up and down these stairs....I might have to dress up every time I wanted to use them.  Beautiful works of art!