Friday, December 31, 2010

An Attempt at Shabby...

I had no idea I had collected so many frames!

The wonderful old iron bed kinda gets lost in here!

I bought this suitcase for the wonderful pink insides!

I love these old church signs...just a little paint and sandpaper to make it perfect!

What a dress...wouldn't that make a great bride dress????

I love the old scale!

The cabinet with glass doors sold today!

I wish I had a place in my house for this hutch...but alas!

I have to learn how to re-wire chandeliers...oh well, someone else's project!

I decided it was time to try my hand at a creamy shabby booth.  Now you guys know from my previous posts that we love color.  However I looked around my garage and was taken back at how much white, cream, gold and brown I had.  So this is my amateur attempt.  It is really hard for me not to try and add some brasher color...but I resisted.  The proof will be in the sales...but it was fun.  Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Upstairs at the Annual Christmas Party...Seating for 28

When you are going to feed 50 people, you have to make use of everywhere you can set up a table.  We put some hard sheets of insulation down to make the table flat, then set it for a table of 14.

I love the sprigs of poinsettia as the centerpiece.  Note, they don't live long once you have cut them if you ever try this.

Not sure these old plates were meant for Christmas, but they are the perfect colors!

We set up several tables upstairs.

The candy decorated table for four!

The Santa table will seat four also.

Another table for four.

A cozy table for two.

We call this the Easter egg tree.  Mom saw these lights at Nordstroms and fell in love.  I bought them for her and she decided that she was a traditionalist and not into the pastel colors.  Now they adorn my upstairs tree!

A seating area...

Of course, a cabinet that was intended for a permanent fixture upstairs!

A few posts back, I had these blue decorations on my mantel, but it did not last long.

A little Church village.

View coming up the stairs...

I love pictures...most of these are Christmas ones.

Santa greeted everyone as they came up the stairs.

I just love this table!
I must say that seating 28 people upstairs for dinner created some heat!  Next year, I will have to turn the air-conditioning on upstairs no matter the weather outside.  The pool table seems to be the most popular seating always fills up fast.  Decorating all the tables is one of my favorite parts!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Master Bedroom & Bath....

My Bedroom

I love this box that I got from the Funky Monkey!

I always thought I would sit in my room and read...but I never do!

Got the shabby iron shelf from Dorothy @ The Shabby Y...caught her unloading it and bought it on the spot.

Another Shabby Y purchase.  I called her at home and told her I had to have one of her old creamy trees from her booth.  She finally agreed to let me have one!  What a friend.

I was told that my bedroom was tooooo pink this Christmas...but I love it!

Gold and red Christmas trees around the bathtub.

The little green tree my mother has had for is mine now.

I love red...can you tell?
I will post the upstairs where most of the sitting was next.  You will love the pool table!

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Den and Breakfast Area...

A Snowy Fireplace

Snowmen Everywhere...

Two of my favorite snowmen...

We put some of my old toys and lunchboxes under the tree this year...

All red and snowy...

A close up of the coffee table...

The bar...I did not run out of wine this year...Yahoo!

I did a lot of decorating with Christmas ornaments this year...

The Breakfast Area...More RED!

A close up of the table...I love the Angels...

I had to close the blinds to get a good picture!

Just a little shelf by the table...

One last view of the Den...
The last few years, I have decorated the den and breakfast area with silver and red.  The room has always been sparkly and bright.  This year...purely by accident...snow took over.  I have a couple of old sleds and usually place them around the house, but when one was leaning up against the fireplace sparked a thought and the next thing you was all changed.  I went through the house robbing other rooms of trees and snowmen and really like the way it turned out.  We even put snowballs and snowflakes in and on the tree.  It is fun to change things up!  Next posting will be of my bedroom...stay tuned.