Friday, August 13, 2010

My Name is Denis and I am a Dishoholic!

The first step in dishoholicism it to admit you have a problem. Okay, okay...I have a problem. My friends always make fun of how many sets of dishes I have and I always just laughed them off. Doesn't everyone have 4 full sets of Christmas dishes, 2 sets of everyday, 4 sets of antique dishes, 2 sets of outdoor plastic dishes, 1 set of mix/matched shabby dishes and 1 set packed away in the attic that you just can't get rid of?????? Come on...this is not a it? The first set of dishes pictured here is the pattern that my mother got as a wedding shower gift over 50 years ago. She started collecting them several years ago and now we both have a set. The brown dishes in the bottom we have collected ALL my life. I remember as a child looking for these at flea markets and everywhere we went. The are now packed away in my garage and have enough servings to feed the Waltons, the Brady Bunch and the Octomom and her family! Yes, my name is Denis and I am a dishoholic...won't you join me?