Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spur of the Moment Booth Re-Do...

Do you ever just get the itch to decorate????  On the spur of the moment I headed to the garage to see what I could find to redo one of our booths.  As I picked around, I noticed a lot of I loaded up the SUV and headed to the mall!  We had this booth in shabby white accented with greens and quickly, I had most of the green out.  I brought in the white metal bed (which I love) and before you knew it, I had a HUGE mess!  5 hours later, it was finally where I was happy.  Every time I get that itch, I try to remember how I was feeling about hour 4 of the redo..."Why, of why did I start this project".  But it does not work and I once again head for the mall with a car load full.  Here are a few pics of 5 hours worth of work...can you say perfectionist!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Look What My Friend Dorothy Made Me!!!!

Last fall at the Hico Homestead show, I saw these wonderful old metal tables that had been painted to look like clocks.  I admired them the entire show and have forever regretted not getting one.  Well my friend Dorothy from the Shabby Y put on her creative hat and made me one!  Isn't it GREAT?  And, you don't have to worry about daylight savings time with this one.  I walked all over the house trying to find just the right spot and finally landed on the hallway that leads upstairs and is the wall you see when you walk out of the guest bathroom.  It is so beautiful and even more special that someone I love made it.  Thanks are the BEST!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Prom Season....

We barely had this wonderful velvet dress in over a week when it sold.  They told me the young girl who bought it was beautiful with red hair.  She was with her Dad and he bought it for her for Prom.

This dress sold today....don't you know whomever bought it will be beautiful. 

This girl must have been TINY!  They told me she was very cute and in love with the dress.  She put it on layaway and came back the same day and paid it off....don't you know she was excited!

I was there when this one sold.  The girl was there with her Mother and Sister and she looked beautiful!  She told her Mom she wanted a vintage dress and wanted to go to the Lone Star Mall to find it.  She had black hair and the dress fit perfect.  Everyone watched as she twirled and admired!  She attracted a crowd.  Her little sister said she was going to wear it to her prom when she was old enough also.
I love that young girls are seeking out vintage dresses to wear to their Proms.  It is about this time of year when start to sell these wonderful old gowns.  We have sold 5 in the last month!  I did not get a picture of the 5th one...sold tooooo fast!  I know all these girls will be the Belle of the Ball!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The LOAD at Round Top!

I don't know where Mary, Teresa and Tracy are going to sit on the way home!

Come listen to a story bout a man named Jed....

I had to get a picture where it looked like I was working!  I was tired from all the shopping!

I still think I could have bought more...look at all that empty space!

I think we are ready to go!
Needless to say, I found some great stuff in Warrenton!  I really think I need to join Junkers Anonymous.  First step is admitting you have a problem....look at the pictures, enough said!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Disappointing Pictures of Round Top....

Incredible Bed!

I really wanted this cart...isn't it GREAT!

This is one of everyone's favorite blogger, Theresa from Garden Vintage Antqs.

Theresa's booth is always one of my favorites in Warrenton.

Another shot of Theresa's space

And of course, a staple for Theresa

One last shot from Garden Vintage Ants.

Don't you just love Debbie's (from Talking Trash) sign!  Cat Daddy was there working his tail off!

Talking Trash's space....she said they had been selling like crazy!

And I LOVED Mindy's space from The Primitique...she does the funnest stuff!  I took more pictures, but they are cloudy...Darn!

My Mother found an old doll head that she has been looking for in Mindy's booth.  She has been searching for the doll she had when she was little and Mindy had the head.  There were some tears shed when she saw it!  Thanks for the memory Mindy.

This was the only decent shot I got from Robelyn's space @ Redneck Chic.

Just a cool setting!

I love the junky ones!

Cute Display...

After shopping all day, I just wanted to lay down here!

Love the pink!
I should have known better than to take a different camera on our trip to Round Top!  I have a camera from work that is smaller and easier to carry around, so I decided to take it.  RATS!  I was so determined to be a good blogger and take lots-o-pictures and most of them just did not turn out.  These are a few of the better ones, but not great.  All the pictures make it look overcast and it wasn' was sunny and beautiful.  Oh well...we had a WONDERFUL time and came home with the back of my SUV crammed and a trailer full of wonderful junk (pictures to follow).