Monday, April 30, 2012


I think each year there is some bush or plant that stands out...and this year it is roses.  Everywhere I go, the roses are blooming like crazy!

I make a commitment each year not to have small pots that need constant watering...does this picture tell you how well I keep commitments????

I bought this table and chairs for resale, but fell in love and here they my backyard.

The wind blew this over and broke all the glass....but I think I like it better open and with a plant in it.

I bought this plant stand and am using it as a towel rack...I love it!


Just planted some small roses on either side of this will be so pretty next year as it covers it up and blooms!

Another view of the roses.

I LOVE SPRING!  I swear I get the winter blues...but nothing like some blooming plants and the sunshine to cure my blues!  I spent the weekend out in my backyard and potted, pulled and snipped my little heart out. Two trips to the nursery and two more to Lowes....and I still have pots and areas that are not done...whew!  I fill up my SUV each trip and think I have MORE than enough...then I get home and quickly run out.   The pool looked so blue and inviting, but on toe in let me is not summer yet.  I will keep working and maybe have it all done soon.  Did I mention that I LOVE SPRING????

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Azul, Albastru, Blau, Kachol.....Blue!

UPDATE:  Baby Bed Sold Today

UPDATE:  The blue dress form went on lay-away

Update:  Blue Wicker Cart sold today!

UPDATE:  All 4 of these blue chairs went on lay-away.

Update:  Blue Locker Door Sold Today

What happens to your booths when you are out of town on business for two weeks????  They get demolished!  As my friends at Lone Star can tell you, I am a bit anal about our booths.  I try to get by the mall a few times a week to make sure everything is in its place and looking good.  If we sell something of size, I usually have my car packed and ready that evening to run by the mall the next day and fill in the hole.  So you can only imagine the last two weeks as I review sales each night in my hotel room...the anxiety level as I know there are holes in all 3 of the booths!  Luckily, many of the dealers look out for each other and try to spruce when they see something out of place in someone else's booth....but I still could not wait to get home and get to the mall.  I packed up everything blue and white and headed out.  Sprucing and rearranging in two of the booths, but a blue re-do for the middle booth.  I am seeing lots of blue this season, so hopefully it will be a hit and I will have some more holes to fill.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Leftovers Antiques in Brenham...OH MY!

The linens on this bed were a beautiful soft purple...this picture does not show the true colors.

I don't know why this came out so gold/orange.  Not the true colors at all...It was a beautiful burlap.

I think this may have been my favorite part of the store.  Wouldn't you love to see the home/place that these doors and window came out off.  It was incredible.

These chairs were hanging on the wall of the room that was filled with wonderful bed linens.

Brilliant Chandelier!

These roses came home with several more things!

The colors not great in this picture either...was not so gold.

Okay, I have heard about Leftovers Antiques in Brenham for some time now, but we never took the time to go visit when we went to the Round Top Spring and Fall Shows....well, I could just kick myself!  What an incredible experience!  Mom, Teresa and I was overwhelmed at the beauty.  These guys are amazing and I felt so inspired while I was there (and when I left).  We ran into Lisa (Diggs) and her sister and they were equally as starry eyed  as we were.  Ed and Michael (I assume the owners) were there and were so very gracious and helpful.  I am so disappointed in the pictures that I took, but wanted to post something in appreciation of this store (they will probably see these pictures and ask me never to take any more in their store again).  These pictures simply do not do justice.  If you have not is so worth the time.  I feel certain you will be as inspired as we were.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Another GREAT Show at LaurieAnna's...

Well, we survived last weekend's show at LaurieAnna's.  Whew...IT WAS SO BUSY!  It was great to see so many bloggers in the shop this month....we really do need to have a blogging party.  Laurie really outdid herself yet once again and the shop looked amazing!  It is so much fun and so inspiring to work in this environment.  We have assembled such a wonderful crew and have so much fun helping and getting to know all or our guests.  One of my new sets of friends (customers) at the shop were Racee and Tiffany.  As we were loading ALL their treasures in the car, Tiffany said, "Wow, you guys have really mastered the art of customer service".  Such a wonderful thing to hear and this is such an important part of the entire LaurieAnna's experience.  Thanks to all of you who came and visited...we had a blast.  Check out LaurieAnna's blog and watch our first attempt at a video of the show.  We plan on doing a video each check in regularly.  LaurieAnna's Blog