Thursday, December 24, 2009

A White Christmas...

Well, not the Christmas we had planned, but a beautiful relaxing one that I would not trade. We planned on heading to Oklahoma this morning (Christmas Eve)to be with family on Christmas, but at 11:00 as the snow started falling, we decided to stay home. We called some friends, went the the grocery store and had a wonderful snow filled evening. It snowed another 2 inches or so after I took these pictures at home. I folks in the North think this is just a flurry...but we don't often get pretty, fluffy snow that sticks around for a while. It is beautiful. These are pics from my home in Keller (Fort Worth) Texas. It is 10:00pm and the kids from the neighborhood are in the street sliding down on make shift sleds. What a wonderful Snowy Christmas this turned out to be! Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas to all. I have to head to bed as I am sure Santa is getting close...and I have been VERY GOOD!

I had a couple of requests for pictures of the actual party. I did not take many, but here are a few. You might recognize Amy and Lisa from the Funky Monkey...or Jennifer and Ronnie, the owners of Lone Star Antique Mall. Dorothy from the Shabby Y was here, but did not get a good picture. I hope you guys have the GREATEST CHRISTMAS EVER and I am looking forward to blogging with you in 2010.
Ho Ho Ho!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It Snowed at the Top of my Stairs....

I needed something at the top of my stairs, so decided to create a winter scene. Ms. Mink (Snow-woman) and her new buddy stand at the head of the stairs and welcome you to the game room. I love the little red snow suit on the reminds me of the movie, "A Christmas Story" with the little brother who could not put his arms down. I remember when that movie first came out and my cousins and I went to see it after Thanksgiving in Oklahoma. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard at a movie. I know we disrupted the entire theater, but we had so much fun. Every Christmas Eve, my aunt has the TV on the station that shows this movie for 24 hours. We watch it and I still laugh out loud although I have seen it a million or so times. GREAT MOVIE!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Rest of the Tables....

Here are the rest of the tables we used at the party. We somehow got all 50 party goers seated and fed. I also had to show you guys the wonderful desserts we had! Everyone got to try a few pieces of each. This was just the display...there was a TON more hidden for later. I just can't think of how much sugar was killed in the making of all of this! I particularly liked the butter cream bars....YUM! The food and the company was great.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Shabbier Side of Christmas at My House...

These are some of the Shabbier Christmas spots in my house. I LOVE the vintage Christmas tree that I had to twist Dorothy's arm to get (The Shabby Y). She had two of them in her booth and neither were for sale. I called her and cried, whined and pleaded until she caved in and sold me one. I have wanted something as you walk into my master bedroom to catch everyone's eye, and thanks to Dorothy, I finally have it. Pictures are from my master bedroom, my office, upstairs game room, guest room and hallway. So a little Christmas Shabby scattered all through the house (a lot of it from Amy @ The Funky Monkey, Felicia @ Bountiful and Dorothy @ The Shabby Y). Much of it intended for the Antique Mall, but you see where it is now!