Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Couldn't Wait...First Christmas Box Unpacked...

I bought the multi candle holder in the middle from Lisa @ Digs this weekend!

Just not sure about the blue yet?????
Started getting my Christmas stuff out of the attic and of course, had to put a few things out early! I got this great candle holder from Lisa @ Digs (Montgomery Street Mall in Fort Worth) and the first box I opened had some Shiny Brite blue ornaments. The next thing you know, my mantle is decorated. It won't stay this way as I have only opened one box...and not sure blue really goes in this room. I might exchange the blue for red and keep the basics....but I usually have some greenery up there. Who will change 20 or 30 times before Christmas! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Few Recent Finds....

I have admired this dresser for a while and finally broke down and bought it from my friend Dorothy.  It is not going to be for resale...staying in my house!

Another piece I am keeping...I love this big blue birdhouse! guessed it, keeping this wonderful cabinet also.

I LOVE THIS DRESS!  Finally, something I am bought that will actually make it to the mall for resale.

My aunt gave us this head, so we named it Lynda after her.  Isn't her hat great.

Probably not selling the red laundry cart either.  What am I doing in this business????
Just some pictures of recent finds.  My buddy Dorothy at the Shabby Y has announced she is giving up the Mall piece of her antique business.  Much of the stuff you see in these pictures are results of her liquidation and I love, love, love them.  Spent the weekend re-arranging and fitting most of it in my house.  I stink as an antique dealer...I am just an antique buyer!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fun with a Red Booth!

One of the first things to sale was the Mercedes Hubcap...don't worry, I have more!

Plastic and metal letters galore!

Love the red dress!

I have Lincoln hubcaps also.

The old thermoses Rock!

The toy stove is electric and they said it works!

A couple of these clocks have sold, but still have a good selection!

The Parking Meter is Sold.

Could we fit anything else in here?????

The "A" is sold.

This should tell you how overboard I went for the Fall Homestead Hico Show.  All of this stuff is what was left over from that show!  My shopping is ALWAYS bigger than my booth.  Oh well, I love the red and folks at the mall seem to like it.  Come on out and buy some RED!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bountiful Eye Candy for the Cream Lovers....

If you shop at LoneStar, you probably recognize the work of Felicia at Bountiful.  I know all you cream lovers will drool over her latest work.  These pictures were taken a week or so ago, so I am sure a lot of it has sold...things don't last very long in her booth.