Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back Booth Re-Do

This great cabinet has wonderful old worn impressions on the front of the doors that you cannot see...

I love the old awning...


I love this dress....

All of Mom's starched doilies...

Can't keep this cabinet straighted as everything gets pulled out to look at them...

More doilies...

The back booth got a makeover as well.  All the greens and yellows make it bright and cheerful.  Mom finds these old doilies and works magic on making them look new again.  She washes and starches them and they look great.  Did everyone have a grandmother, mother or aunt who made these?  We had a lot more Jadeite in there, but it sold fast (I think we might have priced it toooooo cheap).  Oh well, wouldn't be the first time!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Last Set of Fall Homestead Antique Show Pictures

Wheatland General Store


Cheeky Mare

Penn River Designs

Penn River Designs

Bloom Bee Swanky

Bloom Bee Swanky

I bought the chair on the right...I love it!

Peacock Alley (Brad Cleveland)
Here at the rest of the pictures from the Fall Homestead Show in Hico.  I did not get the name of the vendor in the first 3 pictures, but he had GREAT stuff (it was hard for me to pick only a couple of pictures).  I can't wait for the spring show to see all the amazing stuff they will do again.  Have a great Halloween Weekend...Boo!

Monday, October 25, 2010

First of Two Posts on Dealers at The Homestead Show in Hico

Digs (Lisa @ Montgomery Street Mall in Fort Worth)



The Shabby Y (Dorothy @ LoneStar Antique Mall)

The Shabby Y



Donna Basey

Willows Nest

Willows Nest

Girls Gone Junkin' (Cathy & Deidra in Canton)

Girls Gone Junkin'

The Screen Door

Bluff Cottage


Homestead (the horse sold the first day of the show)

My Someday Place
So many wonderful dealers at the recent Fall Homestead Show in Hico, that it is taking me two posts just to show them to you.  The booths were amazing and I was so inspired by them all.  They have already announced the spring show dates, so mark you calendar for the second weekend in May. 

Pardon the changes on the blog...I am trying to do some updating and have LIMITED knowledge of what I am doing.  Will continue to work it out...any suggestions are appreciated!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pink Booth Re-Do at Ruby Grace's

We interrupt the rest of the Homestead Antique Fair pictures from Hico to bring you a Ruby Grace's Pink Booth update! We softened the pink (don't worry you bright pink 50's fans...we will bring it back). We redid all 3 booths...more pictures to come! Yahoo Texas Rangers!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ruby Grace's at The Homestead Show in Hico...

Here are the promised pictures of our booth at last weekends Homestead Show in Hico, Texas. Have you ever seen so much red? It was fun to do and we had lots-0-reminiscing in our booth both days. I love this show not only for the venue, but it is like a family reunion. All the dealers are hugging and so happy to see each other. The customers are so excited to see all the wonderful things the dealers have brought. And Mike & Brenda (the owners) as so very gracious and wonderful to all of us. The weather was terrific which just added to the great time. It is a great show and I will post pictures from the other booths later (you are going to be blown away). Many of us commented that we felt a little out of our league this year as the dealers really went all out in decorating. More to come!