Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some Art from Matt King...

I think this one is going in my bedroom.  I LOVE IT!

This is the one that will get auctioned off.

This is "Naked Alden".  He hangs in my hallway.  If you enlarge the pictures you can see the outline of a guy standing up and holding a guitar.  Matt (the artist) has a friend named Alden....Alden came out at a party naked and played the guitar so Matt painted him...ah to be young and free!
A friend of mine has a daughter who dated a very young local artist several years ago.  They were a wonderful,  free-spirited,  hippie couple.  They were vegans, bought their clothes at Goodwill, thought that regular bathing was bad for the planet and believed in saving the world.  A very sweet young couple!  They bought a van and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico a few years back and Matt has flourished there as an artist.  I bought some of his artwork before he moved (one being the last picture, "Naked Alden").  I love the feel and use of colors in his work.  He was home over the holidays and I got to see him (complete in his Goodwill, 1940's attire).  He had painted some while he was home and I asked if I could see some of it.  He brought a few pieces  and I loved them all.  I bought one for me and one to be a part of a fundraising auction that benefits the grief camp that I direct.  I am so excited and love his stuff.  He is headed back to Santa Fe in a few weeks and will start working on a large group art project and begin putting together some work for his next show.  Have a GREAT week everyone!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lone Star Antique Mall is Having a SALE!

So warm and inviting!

Pam always does such wonderful things with whites and creams!

There is a WONDERFUL clothing boutique in the won't want to miss it.

Burlap and Chicken coops...You can't go wrong.

Felicia from Bountiful...worth the trip alone!

More from Pam's second booth.

You know we love pink and frilly!

Some great religious art finds here.

Lydia's booth changes almost daily...everything sells so quickly!

Barry's booth will great you as you walk in the door.

There is a children's boutique as well...head to the back!

Meryl does wonderful linens and crystal.

A wonderful new dealer at Lone Star...visit her blog

The picture really does not do justice to this curved glass display case.

We have a wonderful artist who mixes antiques with her brightly colored art.

I love this old scale...not brave enough to get on it!

This chicken just came in...what fun!
Lone Star Antique Mall is having a sale starting this Friday (January 21st).  All dealers are participating and I saw anywhere from 10% to 75% off on the sing up sheet.  All dealers will have the sale through the weekend and many will keep it going through February.  Come on in...have some lunch in the Tea Room and have a blast (the Chicken Salad is AWESOME and on Fridays they have the most wonderful Jalapeno Potato Soup).   Maybe I will see you there!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Friend Kathi...

It is with a sad heart that I share some photos of a wonderful friend who died yesterday.  Kathi Winstead was a dear friend who was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer back in 1999.  She stayed incredibly positive and beat the odds.  After the chemo and radiation, the cancer went into remission for 6 wonderful, fun filled years.  When the cancer came back, despite the negative odds, she stayed positive and beat it once again.  When she was forced to face it for the third time, the Doctors said she had only 6 months to a year to live.  With radiation and aggressive chemo, Kathi blessed our lives for 3 more years.  However all the treatments finally took their toll on Kathi's body and last week she went into the hospital very weak.  After some tests, Doctors told the family that the cancer had spread and her body was shutting down.  They were sending Kathi home with hospice care and knew that her days were numbered.  Kathi went into a coma upon arrival.  They assured us that she heard our words and we gathered around and spent the next few days reminiscing and assuring her that it was okay to let go.  At 7:45pm last night, she bravely let go. 

Kathi loved animals and even while undergoing treatment she went to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and worked for weeks at a time in areas that were dedicated to saving and finding homes for lost and scared animals.  She was always traveling somewhere to be a part of an animal rescue.  We were constantly getting emails about finding homes for some stray...and she worked tirelessly to find them all homes.  I know God has put her in charge of Heaven's animal shelter and she is matching pets with angels right now.

It is hard for me to believe that I will not be greeted with a huge smiling, "Hey Puddin" and her hands on my cheeks as she gives me a kiss.  I will miss sharing our love of 70's music and dancing to the Gap Band, "You Dropped a Bomb on Me Baby".  Her laugh will live in my heart.

Thanks for indulging me with this post.  I know that you guys don't know Kathi....but it is somehow therapeutic to write about her.  Thank for listening....and God Bless.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Living in the Pages of Country Living????

Why can't my house look like a page from County Living?  Wouldn't you love to come home to this?  I might be scared to eat my Taco Bueno sitting on these chairs?   My barefeet might get cold on some of these floors?  I would probably knock over all those suitcases going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Oh well, I guess I will just keep admiring the pages of County Living and keep living in my comfortable, not as pretty reality!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Keeping with the Red Theme...

I found this top of an old stove and decided it would make a great shelf.  It took me a few attempts and trips to the Lowes to finally get it to work!

I love awnings!

If my laundry room was bigger, this cart would never have made it to the mall!

This is a trunk to an old Kaiser car.  I never heard of it, but I had all the men over looking at it when I brought it in.

Of course, we had to have a 50's prom dress in there!
The red booth was extremely picked over after Christmas.  You know me and changing colors, but I decided to stick with the red/black and white a little longer.  It is fun to watch folks walk in and reminisce.  I had the booth so full before, I think folks just stood outside and looked.  Now than can actually walk in, move around and pick stuff up!  I see posts on other blogs about White Wednesdays or Pink Saturdays...maybe we need a Red Day????