Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stuff that never makes it to the antique mall...

Okay...we are relatively new to the antique business. Am I the only one who buys stuff for resale and it NEVER makes it to the mall???? Please tell me I am not alone. I walked through the house and took pictures of just a few of the things that never made it. At this rate, I will be bankrupt by the end of the year! My friends laugh when they are with me and make bets on whether I will keep it or not. When you buy stuff you like for your booth, I guess this is the risk that you run. I showed my mother some stuff today that I had bought an estate sale...she just smiled and took some of it home! I bought a lamp a while back and a friend saw it in my car...before I knew it, it was in her bedroom. Oh well, it is fun to shop for this stuff and my house looks great!


  1. I'll take that church registry sign when you are ready to part with it. Great things. Have a great day, T

  2. Oh, NO, you are not alone! It is the hazard of the business:)
    Thanks for the visit to my place~

  3. TY for entering our giveaway. Join our 'followers', I just joined you. Have a beautiful week. TTFN ~Marydon

  4. Those things are MUCH too awesome to sell! But, of course I hoard everything...I could never have a re-sell booth of any kind, I'd starve to death! You have many beautiful things here and congrats on your new blog!!!! It's wonderful!!!!
    everything vintage

  5. Ok, what I want to know is what is that Butler hiding behind that towel??? LOL.....Love Tiina...