Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Lake House Kitchen....

Will I never learn??? It is so hard to appreciate the after pictures when you don't have a before to compare! Well, here is the after and I will just have to tell you about the before. The cabinets were a very ugly reddish brown wood set in front of the same ugly reddish brown panelling. We kept the counter tops, but you can imagine the beige on ugly reddish wood. It took several coats of Killz and paint to finally get them looking decent. Our friend Kenny went in with his sandpaper and shabbied and scraped up all the edges to make them look a little rustic. Mom painted the knobs black and it looks a GAZILLION times better. We had the old flooring replaced with a sturdy wood looking laminate. Our original vision was for a very retro red 50's kitchen. However while we were at Warrenton in the Fall, we found these wonderful blue booth seats and had to have them. So now the kitchen is a mixture of red and blue 50's. We bought a great old white light fixture for over the table, but don't have it up yet. The bay windows you see looks out onto the lake. A great view during the day, however I took these pictures at night. Oh Well....we are getting there slowly but surely.

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