Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Religious Art Work...

Let me start by saying I know nothing about religious artwork...just that I think it is pretty.  I read in a lot of magazines that it is very "In" right now....but I have never been accused of being, "In".  My Grandmother always had a few pieces in her house (not as ornate as the ones pictured here)...and they hold fond memories for me.  I think the colors are so pretty and the art is so calm and peaceful.  I have a special fondness for the more tattered and worn pictures that have obviously spent some time in someones home or church.  Found these in a booth at Lone Star Mall and just thought I would share. 


  1. I love old religious iconography...thanks for sharing these!


  2. I love old religious items, I just bought 2 pictures last week! The colors are beautiful. judy

  3. The one of St. Teresa is particularly wonderful. I've had my eye on it at Lone Star, but it's out of my price range. It's really beautiful.