Tuesday, August 18, 2009

75% off Treasures...

Don't you just love it when you are driving home on a Sunday afternoon and you see an unexpected Estate Sale sign. You make a hurried u-turn (legal of course) and floor the accelerator running kids and dogs off the road. It is after 4 o'clock so you slam your car with burning tires into park and rush to see if they will let you in. You get there as they are closing up, but your tears and pleas convince them to take pity and let you in. Then the clouds part and a choir starts to sing as they mutter the most beautiful words ever...everything is 75% off! Although there is not much left, your treasure detector kicks in and you start to spot stuff buried deep below the piles of clothes that no one found...Amatures! What is this, a wonderful perfume bottle for only .25 cents! You start to doubt your math...75% of $1...could it really only be a quarter??? The choir gets louder as you find a pair of pearls for a dime. Your hands are shaking and your knees feel weak, but you rush to the bedroom where more treasures are buried. You squeel as you find a pink hand mirror for .75 cents...and another perfume bottle for .50 cents. Your arms become so full that you must "Start a Pile" at the front. You dance as your pile grows until finally, all the left-over treasures are yours! You gain your composure as they start to add up your total. You start to rock back and forth in anticipation of a miracle...then you drool a little when they tell you that all of these treasures are only $12.50. After you gain consciousness and shew away the paramedic from the 911 call they made after you passed out, you gleefully collect your treasures and load them into your car (where the lingering smell of burning rubber makes you a little nauseous).
These are some pics of my 75% off Estate Sale treasures. Not sure if I am more in love with the treasures or bargain. Gotta make my way to the mall and get these in our booths now to pay for the tires that I have to replace.

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