Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Shabby Y

Some wonderful Cream stuff from a friend of mine (Dorothy) at the Lone Star Antique Mall. Her booth is "The Shabby Y". She has a wonderful workshop in her back yard and does the most creative stuff. I always laugh when I see her roll in loads and loads of stuff to re-do her booth and I think she will never get all of that in, but she does and it always looks perfect.


  1. How clever to put the high heel on the wooden shoe form. Have a nice week. Sandi

  2. I bought a ton of stuff out of her booth when I was there in June! She is very creative! I loved her booth!

  3. I love her booth...and I really love her work shop...I sometimes wonder if I will ever get my work room organized! That is on my list of things to do though.....just not at the top! Cathy....Happy Junkin!