Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wonderful Dealers in Hico...

Here are some pictures of many of the booths at the Homestead Show in Hico last weekend. I thought all the booths were incredible. So much talent and energy went into each. It is amazing how much you bond with fellow dealers after a few days. We all got excited for each other when we had a sale and supported each other with the borrowing of ladders, tape measures, change, hammers and energy. So many talented folks and the booths show the commitment to perfection.


  1. Oh that looks like it was so much fun!!!!LOVE your inspirational photos:)
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  2. Denis, I can't believe how much sold just from one day to the next. Awesome displays!

  3. Denis, loved hanging out with you and your mom....fried pickles it is for the fall show!

  4. What an amazing array of talent!

  5. Great fun, great talent and great fried pickles! LOL We look forward to the fall show, and "yes" Aunt Debbie will have her guest house ready!! See ya in Canton.....Cathy