Monday, November 22, 2010

A Few Recent Finds....

I have admired this dresser for a while and finally broke down and bought it from my friend Dorothy.  It is not going to be for resale...staying in my house!

Another piece I am keeping...I love this big blue birdhouse! guessed it, keeping this wonderful cabinet also.

I LOVE THIS DRESS!  Finally, something I am bought that will actually make it to the mall for resale.

My aunt gave us this head, so we named it Lynda after her.  Isn't her hat great.

Probably not selling the red laundry cart either.  What am I doing in this business????
Just some pictures of recent finds.  My buddy Dorothy at the Shabby Y has announced she is giving up the Mall piece of her antique business.  Much of the stuff you see in these pictures are results of her liquidation and I love, love, love them.  Spent the weekend re-arranging and fitting most of it in my house.  I stink as an antique dealer...I am just an antique buyer!


  1. Lynda the mannequin is so cool and I just love the old white toule prom dress! judy

  2. Wow, what wonderful finds! The cupboard with the backboard painted red is so your style! I love the dress you added to your booth, I noticed taylor swifts new song "speak now" talks about vintage dresses and with Jewel buying one from you already I bet we see alot more vintage dresses on our singing stars!! I am blown away that Shabby Y is no longer going to be in the mall..........I hope she stays in the business.......such a talent. Your post was eye candy as usual!

  3. I probably couldnt give that stuff up either!! I would stink as a dealer also!!

  4. Denis, we are great people and terrible antique dealers. I think we loved a lot to be in the business. Tell me your opinion on this one. My costumers love my props and the pieces that are really one of the kind. Some of that stuff I have come across once or have seen it priced astronomically high. Most of my architectural pieces I can't replace but make the shop look wonderful. Some of my costumers go from been upset over the fact I'm not selling and can get snotty when I told them i will entertain great offers(end of the discussion?) I haven't discover a way to make the shop appealing without keeping the best props. Should I priced the stuff so high that they leave it alone without loosing them to the impression of my stuff been overpriced ? About the Shabby Y leaving the mall, I hate it. I have bought stuff from her, Tiina and the lady with the beautiful pillows which I can't remember her name now. I hope losing this vendors will not hurt the mall since I considered Lonestar one of the best. Blessings, Marta.