Friday, November 5, 2010

Fun with a Red Booth!

One of the first things to sale was the Mercedes Hubcap...don't worry, I have more!

Plastic and metal letters galore!

Love the red dress!

I have Lincoln hubcaps also.

The old thermoses Rock!

The toy stove is electric and they said it works!

A couple of these clocks have sold, but still have a good selection!

The Parking Meter is Sold.

Could we fit anything else in here?????

The "A" is sold.

This should tell you how overboard I went for the Fall Homestead Hico Show.  All of this stuff is what was left over from that show!  My shopping is ALWAYS bigger than my booth.  Oh well, I love the red and folks at the mall seem to like it.  Come on out and buy some RED!


  1. It's my favorite color and I spy a couple of things so I may have to stop by this weekend. Thanks for showing it.

  2. You're definitely talking my color!

  3. There is a reason stop lights and signs are gets your attention and makes you STOP!
    Cool booth!
    P.S. Thanks so much for checking on that settee for me. I guess it wasn't supposed to be mine, but I sure appreciate you for helping.

  4. Go Red!!! Love the punches of color you bring to a booth! You have such style, you can tell it in your displays.
    Carol in GA