Monday, March 21, 2011

Jewelry Treasures!

Would you just look at all the treasures!

You can't see all the pearl earings and pins that are clipped behind the neclaces.

Pins are pinned all around the edges and earings are laying on the trays (the top shelf is knobs).

Some of the sparkly stuff...can't really tell from the picture.

Wonderful retro neclaces (some a little tooooo retro for my taste).

I got a phone call from a friend who said his son had been helping his girlfriend's family do some spring cleaning and painting.  As they were cleaning out the attic, they came across a bag of old costume jewelry and wanted to know if I wanted it.  He warned me that it was probably Goodwill stuff, but I said I would love to look at it.  My friend and his wife came over for dinner later that week and brought a shopping bag full of manila envelopes and warned that they had looked in a few and it looked pretty bad.  We went out for dinner and I left the bag of goodies on the counter.  When I got home, Tracy and I watched the DVR of last weeks Glee and I did not even crack the bag open until midnight. 1:30am I was still opening envelopes and squealing like a little girl.  Wonderful old pearl necklaces, beautiful vintage pins and fantastic 50's earrings.  I finally went to bed, but got up the next morning and quickly resumed my treasure hunt.  I got them all organized and tried to put them in some sort of order in my "Antique Booth Waiting Room".  I love them all!  Mom came over and got some that she wanted to keep before I got pictures...we think some of the earrings are Bakelite (which she loves).  We did find a pendant that looks like a real diamond.  Going to stop by a jeweler and check it out....if it is, we will give it back.  Just had to share...not sure the pictures do them all justice.


  1. Hey friend....glad to see you are still alive...after lookin at all the great jewels, pearls and bling you just got, you better be watchin your!! There might just be a GGJ girl stalking ya! Hope to see ya soon!

  2. Looks like you hit the motherload! Looks like some pretty cool stuff. (I love Glee too!) By the way, it was fun chatting with you at Lone Star last Friday.

  3. What a treasure!! You really hit it. I just love old vintage jewelery. And all your beautiful prom dresses. Love that light green one. Your really hit some good deals, God must be looking out for you.
    Hugs, Pat

  4. Denis, I've notified the sheriff in Warrenton to look for a strange vehicle swerving from side to side pulling a trailer. There's an APB out on you, so watch out, the men in blue jeans on horse back have an eye on you! Ha ha, but I am looking forward to seeing your cute self (that's for the Funky Monkey girls since I know they'll think this is cute)!! See you in a flash.

  5. Oh Denis, good things came your way. The jewelry is wonderful! It looks nice in your booth too.

  6. What a wonderful surprise! Life is good! I hope to see you in Hico next month!