Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blooms of Maui....

This is a Silver Sword Plant and the only place in the world it grows in Maui.  The live, bloom then die. 
Just a few pictures of some of the wonderful, lush plant and floral life in Maui.  Even the weeds on the side of the road bloom.  So beautiful!  I wish some of this would grow in my yard!


  1. Beautiful! A lot of those plants grow back home in Puerto Rico. I do miss a luscious garden. I have been buying plants and I get the pity look since it is so hot to plant right now. everything is so burn under the Texas sun and the lack of rain doesn't help at all. The picture of the green palm leaves is so good, it belongs in photography book. Thanks for sharing Maui with us, I think this is the closest I ever be to it. Thanks for your sweet comment and know that even if I don't leave a comment I'm always looking, definitely a follower of yours, blessings,Marta.

  2. Hey Denis, I wish I could say we were celebrating our birthdays in Maui, wow this place is really gorgeous. Check out my post tomorrow to see where we'll be celebrating, but I bet you could already guess where. Have a great Wednesday, T

  3. Hi Denis,

    So enjoyed getting to visit with you yesterday at the Shoppe, Felicia and Karen too! Thank you so much for my gift, I love it!!

    You are an absolute treasure my precious friend, I feel as though I've known you forever!

    See you soon....I'm hoping to make it up to Lone Star over the next couple weeks, hope to see you there!

    xoxo ~LA

  4. P.S. Those flowers are stunning and your photos are amazing!! We hope to get to Maui next year!