Saturday, May 7, 2011

Some Saturday Procrastination Finds....

Okay...I had some painting to do to get ready for the Homestead show in Hico next weekend (you gotta come...I will post some pictures from the fall show early next week).  In my true procrastination way, I ended up out junkin' instead.  My garage is already full but I just KEEP ON BUYING!  I love the stuff I got...and as you can tell, I am still procrastinating as I post to the blog....I better get to what I need to do and paint. 


  1. I'm procrastinating too. But you had better success junking than I did. This will be my first time to do the show in Hico. Do you have any suggestions on what look is good for that show? I'm excited to be there.... Maggie

  2. Hey are actually ahead of the game! My trailer is full with things that I brought home from Canton but I am still trying to figure out what else to bring!! Guess I better figure it out pretty quick! LOL
    Can't wait to see ya and eat some FRIED PICKLES!
    Hugs......Cathy aka GGJ

  3. Denis, just read the post on LaurieAnna's blog! Great pictures of your booth and the mall!! Congrats, great shoutout!!
    Carol way over in Georgia!