Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beautiful Churches in Maui...

Okay, this will be my last post about Maui...I promise!  I have always loved old churches.  I love the architecture and the spirit of them.  While we were in Maui, Tracy and I drove around one afternoon and visited several of the beautiful churches that we could find.  They all have large windows along the walls and keep them open for an airy feel during the services.  There were some great statues and art pieces in them as well.  Several of them had cemeteries beside them and most of the tombstones were adorned with floral and shell leis.  These wonderful old building were enhanced by the gardens and blooming flowers (as was the entire island).  It was so beautiful and I enjoyed visiting each one of them.

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  1. How beautiful Denis, I love that tiled mosaic, and love the unique architecture of the Maui churches. I can't remember when I ever seen a light aqua church with yellow trim in Texas.....we need that! :) It looks like such a happy place!

    Thanks for the tour. Have a great weekend my friend!