Sunday, June 12, 2011

A No Vision Booth Re-Do!

-Wash Stand and Door Sold-

-Chairs Sold-
What happens when a dear friend comes and buys out your entire booth????  You head to the garage, find everything blue and green and head to the mall!!!!  Usually I have a vision when I am gathering stuff for the booth....I picture everything in my head (although my head is usually bigger than the booth) and I know generally where I want stuff.  When the booth got wiped out in one day, I headed to the mall with an SUV full and absolutely NO vision.  It took several attempts and lots of hanging and unhanging, but I am finally pleased with the way it turned out.  A silly fact:  I bought the wonderful green chairs in the last picture folded up and without opening them.  It took me forever to figure out how to get them set up!  Dealers were laughing that I had bought them without seeing them set up...sometimes you just know.


  1. Saw your booth today when we were up redoing ours. It looks great and those chairs are cool. I don't know what we do if someone bought out our entire booth since we don't have enough stuff yet to gather to fill an SUV and restock. Oh well, I guess that's a better problem to have rather than nothing ever selling.

  2. Hi Denis, what a great problem to have.. "an empty booth". Laurie and I had so much fun at the mall and even more fun at your beautiful home. We really enjoyed taking a tour of your home and seeing all of your collected treasures! Love all the pictures of your booth, and your chairs look great! Hope you have a wonderful week!
    hugs~~ Daphne

  3. LOVE all the blue and green. looks fabulous!

  4. Wow, a booth buy-out!!! You lucky dog! We've NEVER had a booth buy-out!!How does that feel???
    Carol in rainy Georgia!( yeah!)

  5. Such a fun day! It looks wonderful Denis, how did I miss those chairs and that cart? See you very soon my friend.

  6. Just spent a fun day shopping at Lone Star with friends, they took me to all your booths! What a fabulous display each one was! We found lots of treasures and made a "wish list" from your spaces!!! You really make the experience of shopping Lone Star!!!