Friday, December 16, 2011

Inspiration for the Den....

This print started it all!  I found this wonderful framed print a few months ago at The Montgomery Street Mall.  It was in my friend Lisa's booth, Digs.  I knew immediately that I was going to have it and it was going to hang over my fireplace at Christmas.  I just love this it...unfortunately this picture does not do it justice.

I originally thought I would do all silver and gold on the mantel, but just could not make it look snowy white took over.  It never turns out the way your originally envisioned!

The angels are from LaurieAnna's.

I wanted a flocked tree this year and set out to find one.  I went EVERYWHERE...and they are expensive on-line.  Finally, someone told me about The Decorators Warehouse in Arlington, Texas.  They had the most wonderful selection at about half the price I could find them on-line.

I found these Dickens Carolers at Lone Star Antique Mall.  My friend Gayla was not sure she wanted to sell them, but finally caved and they are at my house now!

Coffee table

Also available at LaurieAnna's

This is the table in the breakfast area right off the den.   Remember, we had to seat 50 here is seating for another 6.

Tin cake plates available at LaruieAnna's.  Are you noticing a theme????

Have you ever found that piece that you just know you have to have.  Without looking at the price tag, you just know it is going in your house and exactly where it will go.  Well, the Christmas print at the top of this post was just such an item for me.  Never, ever did I even think about resale...I knew I wanted this for my very own.  It became my inspiration for the entire den and I love it hanging over the fireplace.  It may just have to be out all the time...not just at Christmas!


  1. Hi Denis, love all of your Christmas decor, everything looks so beautiful, especially loving the framed print and the white Christmas tree. Can you believe that I don't have any of my Christmas decor out yet and not one tree up either, and we are having Christmas with my family at our home this Sunday..... it's just been very hectic around here, but I will be very busy tomorrow trying to get everything done. Hope you have a Merry Christmas my friend!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  2. Happy that you found the tree that you's beautiful and I love those tin angels. Merry Christmas!!!


  3. We so enjoyed your Christmas party....your home looked so beautiful and festive!

    See you soon my friend!

  4. I recently met you at the show in Hico this past Fall, & then i met your Mother at the Mall one day setting up the space. When we come over and shop for goodies- we are always inspired by your creative displays. Always love the "architectural" and " Fashion-style" mixed together.... wonderful. Have a great New Year.