Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Flooring is FINALLY In!

This was the entry way before the new flooring!  I have lived in my house for almost 5 years and never liked this tile...and it was the first thing you saw when you walked in the house!

The dining room (right off the entry way) was carpeted.  The carpet is very light and just did not do much for the room.

This was the tile in the breakfast area and kitchen.  Just plain white tile squares (showed every speck of dirt).

You can see the white tile in the kitchen....blah!

The process of taking up tile is so very labor intensive and time consuming!

I felt sorry for the tile took them 6 days to tile 4 rooms!  It really was dirty, tedious work.

There was dust EVERYWHERE!  I thought I was being smart and putting stuff in the pantry to avoid the dust...forgetting they had to put tile in the pantry they took off the door and everything in there was covered with dust as well.

My new entry way!  I wanted a barn wood look and struggled with how to get it.  They told me not to do real wood in the kitchen as it would dent if you dropped on it.  They told me not to do laminate as it would bow up with water spills.

So I picked a tile that comes in planks and looks like real wood.  I had to pay extra for them to lay it in the zig-zag design...but I love it!

It just makes the house look so updated!

My next project is to paint the cabinets white and really finish out the farmhouse kitchen!

Oh, and I did get new carpet everywhere else.  As you can see from the previous picture, my old carpet was almost white.  I was really worried that this darker brown (cocoa) would make the rooms look smaller, but it did just the opposite.  Everyone comments on how much bigger the rooms look now.
 It was a very messy pain to have new tile and carpet installed...but 4 days past the promised date and several inches of dust later...I love it!  The house looks so updated and feels so clean (well, except the dust I am still trying to clean up).  It really is a huge task to get ready...but so worth the outcome!  I love it.


  1. Hi Denis, your floors looks gorgeous. I can't wait to see your cabinets after you get them painted. I'm so glad that I had ours painted, it sure made a big difference, for the better. Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment. Hope to see ya soon!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  2. I like the wood plank look, with the used bricks in the kitchen. The new flooring is beautiful, good choice.

  3. Love the barnwood tile! Can't wait to see your kitchen finished. Nice transformation :)

  4. Love your new floors Denis! You'll love the ease of tile. Be sure to change your A/C filter now.

  5. Installing new floors is very messy, but so worth it. Your floors look outstanding!


  6. It looks great! My mom has a small house and we convinced her to get a darker brown carpet ( she had light carpet before) even she was afraid it would make her feel like she was living in a cave. It looks great wonderful and makes the house look laeger and more open. She loves it now. Lol on installation day I thought she was going to make them return the carpet