Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Front Booth Re-Vamp!

As my blogger friends know, many of the items in the booths make stops by my house as I try to keep them ALL!  This cabinet came close to staying, but just could not find the right now, it is in the booth.
-Update:  Glass door cabinet sold-

I love this old would be a wonderful, unique piece to decorate with.

I do have a dish and platter fetish!

This french bed is in such good is hard to find with all the decorative trim intact.

Getting to be prom season...I am sure this beauty won't last long.

I think old encyclopedias are so wonderful for decorating.

Did I mention the platter/dish fetish?????

This bust is one of my favorite things...I will be VERY sad when she finds a new home!

Of course...gotta have suitcases!

This rack was FULL of pearls...this is all we have left.

Another view of this wonderful dress.

Great Column

The chippy green paint on the cool!

Lots-O-Silver (well, silver plate).

I sure wish I had the cabinets that these old doors came off of...they are incredible.

-Update:  Sold-

Thanks for hanging with me through the lack of blogging that has been going on here.  Life has been crazy and the camera has been stuck at home.  I think constantly that I need to update the blog, but find life and sleep getting in the way!  I had a GREAT time at LaurieAnna's and it was wonderful to see many of you there.  I love, love, love this shop and the people in it...and I feel privileged to now work there.  I just thought I would share some pics of the newly freshened front booth at Lone Star.  Many dealers were there while I was it would be a good time to visit and see all the new stuff.  I promise to be a better keep checking back.


  1. The booth looks great and I see a couple of things I would love to have in my house. Our booth probably looks really bad since we haven't had time to go up there in a while. We hope to get up there before the end of this week. I guess it's been a busy time for everyone.

  2. Hey Denis......soooo love all of your new treasures!!! I so understand about the lack of keeping your blog as I too am in that same boat!! Just so busy with the booth, getting reading to leave tomorrow for the Petticoats on The Prairie show in Waxahachie, then we will have one week before heading back to Canton, then back home for three days, and THEN off to Warrenton, Round Top and the Junk Gypsy Ball! Whew....are you tired yet? LOL! We are taking our first ever Girls Gone Junkin road trip, and we are all so excited!!! All for this crazy love of Junk we all have! Hugs and hope to see ya soon! Cathy

  3. That cabinet is awesome and I love all the silver plate! I was wondering if you were still recovering from the show! So gald to see a new post!

  4. "Take ME back HOME"!!!! OMG Denis, that is what the Bust is saying...and what you intimated in this post! Take her home...find a place for her. She's'll be more than SAD to see her go!!!

    Long time, no see and not because you have been busy, but because I haven't been here 'Your Blog' in awhile. Sorry about that, and I sure intend to fix that. I'll be back more often...that's a promise.

    I have a feeling that you are a 1940's guy, and will be interested in the posts I have been doing about the 1940's US Census Community Project. Stop by CollectInTexas Gal and see what's up with all of that. See ya again...SOON...Sue