Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring at Ruby Grace's....

Wouldn't this cart be a great cup cake display????

I love this yellow, chippy table!

Yes...I have suitcases in all 3 booths!

I even have suitcases hidden under tables....look down AND up!

So much to see!
-Update:  Blue Table Sold-

This would be a perfect Easter dress!

This is the dish patterns that my Mother got at her wedding shower 53 years ago!
-Update:  Plate Rack Sold-

The shabbier the better....

So 50's....

Tea anyone???
-Update:  Pink Tea set on bottom shelf sold-

Fancy Bloomers...

The back of the dress is as pretty as the front!

More of those dishes...



It appears that we were in the spring mood when we re-vamped the middle booth!  We brought everything we had that was yellow, pink, blue or green.  Usually our booths are very color specific, but we will just call this one "Spring".   We got to talk to so many wonderful folks as we were working on the booth and so many of them shared memories of things we were bringing in.  I love to see folks smile when they see something that brings back a happy memory.  Happy Spring EVERYONE!


  1. LOVE that chippy, yellow table!

  2. I'm with Stephanie...LOVE that chippy yellow table!!! Also LOVE the EASTER DRESS.