Monday, May 21, 2012

Stuck Between Styles?????

I think I am currently searching for a new style???  I am going to the same places I have always scored big in the past, but just not finding the wonderful pieces or inspiration I used to.  I think maybe my style has changed, or is trying to....and I am searching for it.

I still LOVE the old and unusual.

I will always be attracted to things that remind me of my the wonderful old iron beds with cozy linens and quilts that my grandmother's had.

I think I will always have a passion for red.  I heard a designer once say that you should always have something red in a matter how small.

Color in general is appealing to me.  Picking a pallet and creating a room around that is something I love to do.

Maybe a nod to a more french look????

I also love the idea of mixing in industrial.

Some more formal pieces are catching my eye now!

And my country (farmhouse) roots are still there.

I don't know...maybe my style is growing into a great big hodge podge of clutter.  Mixing some formal elements with a farmhouse look...throwing in some french inspiration with a piece of industrial and a great pallet of colors!  Now, if I could just fit in the iron bed...I would have it all!  I will keep looking for my style over the next few months...what inspires you...what makes up your style?


  1. I think you've found our style...eclectic! That way you can use it all however you like. Oh, and of course I agree that every room should have some red :)

  2. I pretty much could have written this exact same post!! I love elements from so many different styles. Love all of these pics!

  3. Gosh, are you living inside my head? I love primitive furniture with homespun towels, yet I am drawn to pretty linens, ruffles, and re-purposed painted furniture. I like a stack of 40's suitcases aside my rope bed as a night table. My idea is to live with what you love!

  4. I say buy what you like, mix in a few fresh new pieces you can rotate somewhere else ( or and keep
    it fresh, but YOU- eclectic is good.


  5. Denis,
    As usual, I love it all!!!! Beautiful ... Fun ... Pics of those rooms you chose!!!! I do believe style is changing somewhat and sometimes it is hard to decide but looks to me like you are headed in the right direction! Keep going you will find what your searching for, and you will know it when you see it!!! ;0) Hugs Brenda