Friday, May 11, 2012

Homestead Antique Fairs of the Past....

It seems like just yesterday that we were asked to do our very first show.  Several dealers from Lone Star Antique Mall decided to set up at the Homestead Antique Fair in Hico Texas.  I was certain it was a one time thing!

We absolutely did not have a clue what we were doing!  My eyes were MUCH LARGER than our space and I remember my jaw dropping when I walked in and saw the space marked off and how much stuff I had brought. 

Although we sold really well, I still went home with tons of stuff (it did not help that I did a lot of shopping while I was there as well).  We had such a great time and immediately knew I wanted to do this again....if they would have us!

We did come back for the fall show in 2010 and went all out red!  Apparently I did not learn my lesson from the first show and again, brought WAY to much stuff!

I had so much fun buying all this cool vintage red stuff and really crammed a ton merchandise in our space.

Although this is my favorite booth we have done at the Hico show, it was the weakest performing.  Customers visited and reminisced and told us how much the loved the booth, but it just did not sell as well as the others.  I took the remaining inventory to Lone Star and it sold like crazy!  What started as a temporary design for a booth has remained and our red booth still is the strongest seller.

The bright spot of the show was selling a vintage dress to Jewel!  I must confess that I did not recognize her and later that evening when we were told she had visited the show, I searched my checks and found out she had bought this dress.
Spring 2011 was about turquoise for us.  We moved from the tent and set up next to the Homestead building and had this wonderful rock wall to use as our backdrop.

It was a great show and remains our best selling effort.

It was windy and we had to fight to keep things standing.  Poor Jennifer (Betty Jane's) in the booth next to us had to abandon her makeshift dressing room as it kept blowing over.

Fall 2011 was the show of Harvest.  This was a bit of a departure for me...not having a focus on any single color.

It was cold not being in the tent, so we went across the street and bought a floor heater to keep us warm!

The crowds were great and our dealers really did an excellent job decorating and displaying a variety of antiques.

We had a great time wearing Halloween get-ups and sharing the spirit of the season with all the shoppers.

We have decided to move back into the tent for the upcoming show.  I will miss the beautiful setting we had here, but am excited to be around all my wonderful dealer friends again where I can socialize more.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane.  I hope everyone will come out and see us for the Spring 2012 Show.  I will post some hints to our theme this show in an upcoming posts....going to be a fun and bright booth for us!


  1. All of your booths look outstanding and I am sure this one will look outstanding too. You have a great eye for displaying.


  2. I am so going to try to make it out as it is my Birthday weekend, but we'll have to see how it goes as I think my son's have other plans. Hoping it's the best show for you yet!!