Sunday, November 29, 2009

It is Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

I always find it a little presumptuous to post pictures from my house, but I just spent 3 days getting ready for our annual Christmas Party next weekend. Several years ago I started having a Christmas party at my house for the folks I worked with. It was about 20 people. The party has since grown and this year we are expecting 50 people. This may not sound like a big deal until you consider that it is a sit down dinner. My mother has always cooked for these events and will not consider hiring a caterer (to the delight of the party goers). I truly think they come more for her very Southern and full of butter cooking than the party. We have worked all weekend on decorating the house and creating themed tables to seat all of these guests. Since the party is next weekend, I don't want to give it way to anyone who is going to attend, so I will start with simple pictures of the entry way. The light up Santa will go on the front porch to welcome everyone. I tried to take a picture of the front of the house with the lights on, but it was toooooo dark. Posted it anyway. I will post pics of the rooms after to party. Wish us will be great to visit with friends over good food and laughter!


  1. Oh what a beautiful place, and I have to admit I'd come for your Mom's cooking too but then I'd want to see all your decorating so it would be a toss up! Hope you have a fabulous time and will be waiting for more pics. Have a great time and an early Merry Christmas, T

  2. WOW, you are really ahead of the curve! The house looks gorgeous and the food sounds wonderful! Although I cannot imagine cooking for 50 people! Bless Your Hearts! Have a wonderful time!

  3. Everything looks perfect so far! 50 PEOPLE!
    I would be a nervous wreck. Your amazing.

  4. Where do you work? I want to work there so I can be invited to this sitdown gala with southern cooking! I love butter! The house is looking marvy, Denis! ~Mindy