Thursday, December 3, 2009

Table for 8....

I had to travel this week for work and you can imagine my surprise when I get off the plane in Dallas from Phoenix in my short sleeve shirt and it is 42 degrees! got cold while I was gone. I am putting the last minute touches on the party for this weekend. Here are some pictures of the dining room...where 8 of the 50 guests will eat. Thanks to Lisa and Amy at the Funky Monkey for convincing me to buy this shade of green...who knew I would make a whole table out of it. I bought the dishes at an estate sale with the idea of putting them in the antique mall, but I think they have now found a home. I also got a Christmas Tree for $10 at a going out of business sale and did not have a clue what I was going to do with it. We put it in the corner of the dining room and Mom starting decorating with tea cups and cream & sugar bowls. We ran to Michael's and bought the magnolias and tree topper and I think it looks GREAT! The last picture (beside the red cabinet) is the "Giving Tree". Each year, folks that visit my house get to take an ornament off this tree and take it home with them. I buy ornaments throughout the year and still came up short. I have a bag full that I just ran out and bought that will have to go on the tree before Saturday. Well, gotta go and do some more work! Wish me luck on feeding 50 and I will post pictures of the other 42 place settings later.

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  1. Yikes is right, I bet you just about froze. My friend called to say it was snowing in Dallas. I said to myself wish it would snow in my area, and guess what, it just might tomorrow. Keep the pics coming, really enjoy what you are putting together for your party!