Monday, October 11, 2010

It is Halloween at Lone Star Antiques

A couple of booths are in the Halloween spirit at the Mall. I love all these booths as I love Halloween, but Pam did a great job making her booth look like a laboratory (first 3 pictures). With the skeleton....and you can't see it in the pictures, but the water bubbles under that glass funnel in the fish tank...she is so creative. Boo!


  1. Halloween is just a fun time to let loose and have a good time with a booth like these photos show!

  2. Boy, those spaces are so creative!! I love looking at booths/spaces like that where you can tell people have put a lot of thought and creative juices into making them intriguing for their customers. Denis, thanks for sharing those pictures. Good luck to you in Hico!
    Carol in GA

  3. Well, did you sell out in Hico?

  4. So Glad to find you here!!! I have been frequenting Lonestar and adore your and the shabby y booths! I have been shopping to decorate a Paris apartment look sewing studio mercantile. I just picked up your first french book last week and it is adorable! come by my blog next week and I will have pictures of the room I decorated with most items coming from lonestar!