Thursday, January 6, 2011

Keeping with the Red Theme...

I found this top of an old stove and decided it would make a great shelf.  It took me a few attempts and trips to the Lowes to finally get it to work!

I love awnings!

If my laundry room was bigger, this cart would never have made it to the mall!

This is a trunk to an old Kaiser car.  I never heard of it, but I had all the men over looking at it when I brought it in.

Of course, we had to have a 50's prom dress in there!
The red booth was extremely picked over after Christmas.  You know me and changing colors, but I decided to stick with the red/black and white a little longer.  It is fun to watch folks walk in and reminisce.  I had the booth so full before, I think folks just stood outside and looked.  Now than can actually walk in, move around and pick stuff up!  I see posts on other blogs about White Wednesdays or Pink Saturdays...maybe we need a Red Day????


  1. Very cute. Love that stove top and trunk on the wall. I just love old prom dresses too. Looks great. judy

  2. Oh I could do a red day easily! It's my favorite color! Booth looks great on your pictures and in person. I go there all the time. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Hey Denis, as much as I love white, I still have a bit of red in my home. Can't give it up. There is a Red Friday that Tricia of The Red Door hosts (her blog is on my side bar). Thought this might interest you! Have a great weekend and come and see me at the Red Barn Antique Show in the 15th if you can.

  4. I saw your shabby chic booth the other day and someone was rearranging your red booth! It all looks great, love the theme song cute idea with the stove top.

  5. Hey Denis....hope you had a wonderful Christmas season and your New Year is starting out with a "BANG"!! I love all of your red.....especially the old stove top on the wall! Just one suggestion, if you add some black, then you can have ya a Tech Red Raider Booth! I am just sayin....He he he!
    xo xo Cathy aka GGJ

  6. Well look at this red hot space! Love it Denis!