Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some Art from Matt King...

I think this one is going in my bedroom.  I LOVE IT!

This is the one that will get auctioned off.

This is "Naked Alden".  He hangs in my hallway.  If you enlarge the pictures you can see the outline of a guy standing up and holding a guitar.  Matt (the artist) has a friend named Alden....Alden came out at a party naked and played the guitar so Matt painted him...ah to be young and free!
A friend of mine has a daughter who dated a very young local artist several years ago.  They were a wonderful,  free-spirited,  hippie couple.  They were vegans, bought their clothes at Goodwill, thought that regular bathing was bad for the planet and believed in saving the world.  A very sweet young couple!  They bought a van and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico a few years back and Matt has flourished there as an artist.  I bought some of his artwork before he moved (one being the last picture, "Naked Alden").  I love the feel and use of colors in his work.  He was home over the holidays and I got to see him (complete in his Goodwill, 1940's attire).  He had painted some while he was home and I asked if I could see some of it.  He brought a few pieces  and I loved them all.  I bought one for me and one to be a part of a fundraising auction that benefits the grief camp that I direct.  I am so excited and love his stuff.  He is headed back to Santa Fe in a few weeks and will start working on a large group art project and begin putting together some work for his next show.  Have a GREAT week everyone!

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  1. Cool art piece! Way to go for supporting merging young artists! We went to Santa Fe about 3 years ago, awesome place! The art there was amazing! Hope you are doing well, my friend! Going to Canton anytime soon? It may be June before we get back to Texas , we're headed to Charlotte NC next month to a big extravaganza!!
    Carol in GA