Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Living in the Pages of Country Living????

Why can't my house look like a page from County Living?  Wouldn't you love to come home to this?  I might be scared to eat my Taco Bueno sitting on these chairs?   My barefeet might get cold on some of these floors?  I would probably knock over all those suitcases going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Oh well, I guess I will just keep admiring the pages of County Living and keep living in my comfortable, not as pretty reality!


  1. I have that magazine and drooled over the same pictures! Yes it is beautiful but would not take a taco supreme with extra sour cream and salsa very well now would it.

  2. Oh and let's not even talk about the amound of dusting that would be involved with the milk glass vase wall.......

  3. ....and cleaning all those mirrors! At least you'd have a chance for one more look before going out the door! It IS really beautiful, altho not so homey and comfy for those of us who love the Joy of Cooking....even eggplant...and Taco Bueno. BTW, Denis, did you see the Drop Biscut Post? I bet that would fit your taste better than eggplant...especially since they were served with Huevos Rancheros! Ole'

  4. The chairs might be my fav thing. But, I'm with ^...lots of cleaning to be done with all those mirrors! haha Keep your home as is, Denis. It's great! ~Mindy

  5. Denis, I assume there's a picture on this blog post. I can't see it though, wonder why?
    Carol in snowy GA

  6. To have those rooms and a live-in housekeeper would be heaven on earth!
    P.S. I'd have to put slipcovers on the slipcovers with Cat Daddy around!!!

  7. interesting on what people comment on and blog on... i dont know if i should be impressed or upset on the remarks made.... about my house...!
    let me answer your questions -
    i am 35, with two active young boys, and on any given day there are six boys running around here and i live blocks from the beach so there is always SAND!! and i dont have a 'no shoe rule' in the house... but there are no sneakers allowed on the couch----- why would you??
    i do not have a live in housekeeper, i have a cleaning lady once a week.... and she does not even touch my bookshelf of MCCOY pottery..
    i am a very good cook and cook every nite for my family... but we dont eat our meals in the living room.... we eat at the counter or dining room table.
    and yes my kids can eat there snacks in the living room on the couch.. so to everyones surprise there are crumbs of pretzels, gummy bears and chips hidden in all corners when i take off my slipcover to throw it in the wash! its called life and i enjoy every minute of it!!
    so i hope i answered how i live the "country living life" i take alot of pride in my accomplishments but i take more pride in the family that lives here.

  8. p.s. forgot to tell you how much my boys love to play with their nerf guns... and since they have free play throught the whole house.... on any given day you can move one of my collections and be pleasantly surprised to find a orange nerf bullet in it or behind it.. and i smile and think .... kids will be kids!!!

  9. Oh Joanna...please know that the pictures were posted out of love for these rooms. I don't usually post pictures from magazines, but so admired these, that I posted them as inspiration. As I commented in my statement...wouldn't you love to come home to this. You should be very proud of your home...Country Living certainly would not be interested in publishing pictures of my house! I apologize if our comments were offensive...I think if you re-read them, you will see that the attempted humor was surrounded by love of the decor. Your home is lovely and thanks for posting your comments and letting us into your home.