Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Suitcase Obsession...

This wonderful set is in my bedroom.

I love this white set...they will probably end up at the mall some day. -Update:  Suitcases Sold-

I use these as a table in one of my guest rooms.

This was my Grandfather's suitcase and his name is scratched on the bottom...I LOVE IT!

This one is in the game room.
Have you ever walked around your house and realized that you have a particular attraction to certain items, colors or collections that you did not realize?  As I was cleaning this weekend, I realized that I have a lot of suitcases.    Not sure what sparked this love or interest, but I have them in several rooms....and have several sets at the mall.  As a child, my Dad was in the military and we moved a lot...could this be the reason for my love of suitcases?  I travel a lot with work...could this be it?  I buy lots and lots of stuff and need the storage...yep, I think we have found the reason!  Whatever my infatuation, I do love the look.


  1. I am a complete sucker for suitcases and am calling first dibs on that white set for my farmhouse if you decide to sell them!

    See, yet another thing we have in common.....suitcases!

    Hope you are well sweet friend.

  2. Maybe it's because they hold so much more than just clothing!
    Love the one of your grandaddy's...and the white set...of course!

  3. Oh I'm with you .... love 'em!

  4. and I thought I had a lot of suitcases! I love them too and well as boxes. I love your grandfather's suitcase, so cool.