Thursday, July 7, 2011

Red Industrial Stuff....

The small Tom's rack on top of the larger Tom's display case is sold.

-Chair Sold-

I was telling someone last week that our sales in the red booth had slowed down...and that is usually a signal that it is time for a booth re-do.  So Mom and I spent the day rearranging and bringing in some new stuff.  I have since had to rearrange twice as the sales have been GREAT!  It is amazing what a little freshening up can do.  I went in this afternoon to fill in some holes and decided I better post pics ASAP before they change again.  I LOVE the red industrial stuff.  I was chatting with the girls over at Three Ring Cottage and they asked if this is what my house looked like.  It actually doesn't, so maybe this is why I love buying stuff for and decorating this is an outlet for me!


  1. I guess if your house looked like this then there wouldn't be all this great stuff for me in my favorite red booth! I already see a few things catching my eye! Thanks for fluffing it for us :)
    Gina and Jennie

  2. I love all three of your booths! Congrats on the "holes to fill!"

  3. Oh, I love that vintage dress, and oh the little stove, and oh the little refrigerator, oh, oh!!

  4. Your so right Denis about freshening a space up, it really does help! Everything looks wonderful, you have some great treasures!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!