Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Weird Room...Where Bloggers Create!

Some stuff I have started putting together for a show I have been invited to do...exciting details to come!

In the fall, I would like to change out our front booth (currently blue and green) to more browns and earthy colors.

My motto is that anything in mass can be a cool display!  I bought a box full of old gloves and then this weekend bought a bag full of child's red bow ties (this is just a few of them).

We decorate a lot with pearls and I love great old buttons. 

Don't have a clue what do do with all these buttons, but the look cool!

I want to do a display with some old black metal frames I bought and thinking about using these black trimmed platters with them?  Who knows.

I am thinking this is toooooo formal for me....we will see where it ends up.

You know all our booths have to have a vintage dress!

Already buying stuff for Valentine's Day!

Some fun spring collections!

Always buying for the pink booth!

And of course, the red booth.

I love these old mailboxes for storage.  Not for sale LaurieAnna!

Earrings, brooches, drawer knobs....just odd and ends.

Always have to have a supply of flash cards!

I love silhouettes!

Back to a lot of anything makes a good display...tons of old wooden door knobs.  Who knows what I will do with these???

I love this old cabinet and did not have the heart to sell it.

It now is where the odd and end pieces wait for a display!

It is a very junky room!

Most important thing for these middle aged eyes!

Well, I have seen several people participating in Karen's Blog Party about where bloggers create @  I decided that although I can't compete with most of the rooms I have seen, I would humbly participate.  I am not sure I would say I create in this room, I really just stage there.  When I bought my house, it had what was considered a kid's playroom.  You have to go through this room to get to the two guest rooms.  Since I don't have kids or need a playroom, I was stumped what to do with it.  I thought about using it as a comfy TV room for guests outside their guest room...then thought about some type of library, but never really came up with a good fit.  So it got dubbed, "The Weird Room".  When I started in the junk business a few years back, I decided this would be the perfect room to stage my next booth set-ups.  As any of you know who shop at Lone Star, I love to change out our booths often and I decorate by color.  A booth usually has the same color decor (thus the blue booth, the pink booth and the red booth).  I tend to do small vignettes in this room to get my creative juices going and store the larger pieces in the garage.  As you can see by the pictures, I have several color themes going right now.  Setting these vignettes up helps me  identify gaps and be on the look our for pieces that will finish out a booth or show.  Sometimes when I buy toooooo much stuff, it just becomes a junk room for storage and I have to spend a weekend cleaning it out!  There you have Weird Room!

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  1. Isn't one of the definitions for create "design" and isn't that what you do your booths? I'd say it's exactly where you create and what a fun room to dig in.