Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Country Charity Dinner....

The dining room table was one last cheer to summer and color!

A full view of the dining room table.

Not exactly the way I intended.  I had the hardest time finding fresh flowers.  My original thought was to have Gerber Daisies in each bottle, but could not find any.  Settled on these.

These dishes are ones my mother collected all of my life.  Been in the family forever!

It helps to be in the Antique (aka junk) business when planning a party.  The brown bottles and old clothes pins are stuff I bought for resale.  Keep your eye out at the mall for them later!

The breakfast area table.

I love the sunflowers floating in water.  Most of the decorations on this table are future antique mall inventory also!

Needed some color, so brought out the Jadeite dishes.

Close up of the floating sunflowers.
The bar!  I have not pulled out my old blue stuff in years.  It fit the theme.

I love this old tub, but it sweats like crazy!

I forgot to get a shot of the food, but did snap a pic as Mom was getting it ready.  Imagine a wonderful country ham, cheesy mashed potatoes, broccoli salad, a fruit salad and fresh rolls.  It was a Paula Deen calorie filled meal!
We had a fundraising dinner back in February and one of the live auction items was a home cooked meal at my house for 12.  Mom is a bit of a legend with all my friends for her wonderful home cooked meals and I knew this would raise a lot of money.  A dear friend of mine from work very generously bought it and brought 11 of her friends and family over last night to cash in.  Mom outdid herself and all went home stuffed and happy!  Since she was preparing a very traditional country type meal, I decided to decorate to match.  Each table must have changed 5 times as I kept setting and resetting them.  I love the way they turned out and it was a fun, festive evening. 


  1. My aunt has the same brown dishes. I think she has just about every piece. She too has collected them forever. What I great idea for a fundraiser! Everything looks wonderful and the food sounds awesome. Love those red chairs in the kitchen area! Also, congratulations on the write up in the paper about the camp and the opportunity to help Japan. That was inspiring.

  2. What a great idea for a "fun" fundraiser! The menu sounds wonderful, we are big Paula Deen fans! Some time you've just got to break down and have a good old fashioned calorie laden supper!
    Carol in GA

  3. Looks so fun! I LOVE the red chairs at the breakfast table!