Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ruby Grace's Twirl & Curl...

Meet Lynda...she is getting her hair done at Ruby Grace's Twirl and Curl!

It is VERY pink and frilly at the Beauty Shop today!

And lots of fun stuff to pick from!
UPDATE:  The pink thermos sold!
UPDATE:  The 50's pink dress sold!

Hello, let us check the reservation book.  No appointment...that is okay, walk-ins are welcome!

UPDATE:  The pink frame on the table sold!

Grace is working on Lynda at station 1 and it could take a know when Lynda starts to gossip!

No worries, Station 2 is open.  Ruby can get ya!

I think this old fixture was in a grocery store to display bread.  It has openings in each shelf to let the bread breathe.  But it is perfect at the Beauty Shop to display perfumes and other stuff for sale!

Evening in Paris, we got it!  Blue Waltz, we got it!  Check out the perfume case and smell wonderful. 
UPDATE:  The wonderful old pink suitcase sold.  The lady who bought it said her husband had an old vintage car this color and this suitcase was going in the back.  Fun!

UPDATE:  There were two chairs and a table to this set and they sold yesterday!

When Mom saw this cabinet, she tried hard to find a place at home or at the lake for it...but it finally ended up in the in the Beauty Shop.  Wonderful old chippy piece.

Tons of crochet doilies and scarves to pick from while you wait!

Drawers full of goodies at Ruby Grace's!

Shop for a dress or gown while you get your hair done!

We have transformed the pink booth into a 50's Beauty Parlor!  Welcome to Ruby Grace's Twirl & Curl.  It was so much fun collecting and putting this together.  We had a hard time getting it all set up as folks wanted to come in and reminisce with us.  It is so wonderful to hear the stories and memories that everyone has.  It struck a cord with many as the first day, our sales were great.  Come on in and reminisce...remember, no appointment necessary!


  1. OMG, this is the cutest booth ever. I love that pink dress and the cabinet that your mom wanted to keep, I don't blame her, I would have wanted to keep it also. Your mom is so sweet I really enjoyed visiting with her at Laurie. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  2. Ok, I saw this booth today and this has to be one of the most unique, classy, intriguing booths ever!!! You have outdone yourself this time Dennis!!! APPLAUSE!!! GREAT finds I might add!!! Love it!!! Cheers!