Friday, April 6, 2012

Leftovers Antiques in Brenham...OH MY!

The linens on this bed were a beautiful soft purple...this picture does not show the true colors.

I don't know why this came out so gold/orange.  Not the true colors at all...It was a beautiful burlap.

I think this may have been my favorite part of the store.  Wouldn't you love to see the home/place that these doors and window came out off.  It was incredible.

These chairs were hanging on the wall of the room that was filled with wonderful bed linens.

Brilliant Chandelier!

These roses came home with several more things!

The colors not great in this picture either...was not so gold.

Okay, I have heard about Leftovers Antiques in Brenham for some time now, but we never took the time to go visit when we went to the Round Top Spring and Fall Shows....well, I could just kick myself!  What an incredible experience!  Mom, Teresa and I was overwhelmed at the beauty.  These guys are amazing and I felt so inspired while I was there (and when I left).  We ran into Lisa (Diggs) and her sister and they were equally as starry eyed  as we were.  Ed and Michael (I assume the owners) were there and were so very gracious and helpful.  I am so disappointed in the pictures that I took, but wanted to post something in appreciation of this store (they will probably see these pictures and ask me never to take any more in their store again).  These pictures simply do not do justice.  If you have not is so worth the time.  I feel certain you will be as inspired as we were.


  1. Tell the owners we appreciate,wow o my,love it all and yes worth a stop. Thank you for the efforts,Could be the lighting and time of day.Causing a cast,plus is their is yellow within the walls this causes some of the coloring issues you are worried about.But the detail of the item,the lines of the furniture ect. Still worth the posting and love the Back Booth @LoneStar again love it

  2. Haven't been there but will definitely stop by next time we're in the area. The shade cast on the pictures doesn't affect them at all. You can still see all of the great things they have and see what a wonderful place they've created. The magic still comes through! Thanks for sharing. I had not seen this place before.

  3. Looks amazing! I've heard lots about that store too but have not made it there yet. That door/window was FABULOUS! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I live in Brenham and this is an amazing store.....the panoramas are always changing, so you are always treated with a beautiful and inspiring is truly an "eye candy" store where you will experience joy while visiting, perhaps leave with a new treasure or two and be inspired to revisit/revamp with a new twist the arrangements you have in your own spaces back home......this spot is worth stopping for, even if only passing through our area. Thanks for the great post and for coming up for a visit!