Sunday, April 22, 2012

Azul, Albastru, Blau, Kachol.....Blue!

UPDATE:  Baby Bed Sold Today

UPDATE:  The blue dress form went on lay-away

Update:  Blue Wicker Cart sold today!

UPDATE:  All 4 of these blue chairs went on lay-away.

Update:  Blue Locker Door Sold Today

What happens to your booths when you are out of town on business for two weeks????  They get demolished!  As my friends at Lone Star can tell you, I am a bit anal about our booths.  I try to get by the mall a few times a week to make sure everything is in its place and looking good.  If we sell something of size, I usually have my car packed and ready that evening to run by the mall the next day and fill in the hole.  So you can only imagine the last two weeks as I review sales each night in my hotel room...the anxiety level as I know there are holes in all 3 of the booths!  Luckily, many of the dealers look out for each other and try to spruce when they see something out of place in someone else's booth....but I still could not wait to get home and get to the mall.  I packed up everything blue and white and headed out.  Sprucing and rearranging in two of the booths, but a blue re-do for the middle booth.  I am seeing lots of blue this season, so hopefully it will be a hit and I will have some more holes to fill.


  1. Looks great! Welcome home....hope it was a great trip! See you soon! LA

  2. Love all of your photos !! Great things!

  3. Looks wonderful as always! Congrats on all those sales!

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