Monday, April 30, 2012


I think each year there is some bush or plant that stands out...and this year it is roses.  Everywhere I go, the roses are blooming like crazy!

I make a commitment each year not to have small pots that need constant watering...does this picture tell you how well I keep commitments????

I bought this table and chairs for resale, but fell in love and here they my backyard.

The wind blew this over and broke all the glass....but I think I like it better open and with a plant in it.

I bought this plant stand and am using it as a towel rack...I love it!


Just planted some small roses on either side of this will be so pretty next year as it covers it up and blooms!

Another view of the roses.

I LOVE SPRING!  I swear I get the winter blues...but nothing like some blooming plants and the sunshine to cure my blues!  I spent the weekend out in my backyard and potted, pulled and snipped my little heart out. Two trips to the nursery and two more to Lowes....and I still have pots and areas that are not done...whew!  I fill up my SUV each trip and think I have MORE than enough...then I get home and quickly run out.   The pool looked so blue and inviting, but on toe in let me is not summer yet.  I will keep working and maybe have it all done soon.  Did I mention that I LOVE SPRING????


  1. Ooo Denis, I love the plant stand as a towel holder, clever! You know I love your beautiful!!

    I had to laugh when I read the part about how well you keep committments as I just came in from watering mine. 14 minutes every night.....that's my committment. :-)) I think we should load you up with some plants to take home for those empty pots this show!! See you Wed! LA

  2. Beautiful backyard! The coat rack as a towel holder is the best idea, so cute! Of course I love red too so that red birdbath really caught my eye!

  3. Denis I LOVE spring too!!! Your backyard is beautiful!!!

  4. Love that table & chairs - glad you kept it! And your arbor is awesome! I love Spring too!

  5. Denis, everything sure looks pretty around your place. Will you be at the Hico show this month? If so, then I'll see you there. The Fall show dates are Sept. 28 thru Oct. 6.

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  8. Love the photos of roses and the pool! ...........judy