Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Little Pink Update...

Okay, for all of my new Hico Homestead Show friends and followers...No, you are not at the wrong blog. We have a pink frilly booth in addition to the rusty barn booth. This is the booth where I place the furniture, hang the awnings and lights...then step back and watch Mom go to pink, frilly heaven. From old perfume bottles to crocheted doilies to dishes to dresses...if you like pink, you have found your place. One of our best sellers from this booth are the doilies. Mom buys them and spends a lot of time washing and starching them. They look so clean and crisp when she gets done. I keep telling her she is selling them toooooo cheap, but she says she loves doing is therapeutic. Don't you love the ballerina hanging light. The wonderful Theresa @ did this and I bought if from her at Warrenton (Zapp Hall). If you go to Warrenton, make sure you stop by and tell her howdy....she is awesome (and no Theresa, the pink awning is still not for sale). Have a great week everyone!


  1. I did love making that lamp! Thanks for the mention and if I don't see you at one of the shows soon I'll most definately see you at Hico. I've been accepted as a vendor and I'm so excited! Happy Thursday to you, T

  2. Hey Denis...where have you been hiding??? In one of your many booths maybe?? He he....Deidra and I WILL be doing the fall show in Hico, and requested having a location by you...yea! Did Mike call ya?? Just let me know! Happy Junkin...Cathy