Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Okay...It is a SICKNESS!

Okay, I admit it. I have a shopping sickness! Have gone out the last few weekends and once again, my garage is FULL. The worst part is when I get it home, I want to keep it all. Maybe I should start selling stuff I don't like???? Here are a few pieces that will probably find a place in my home and not at Lone Star Antiques. My friend Tracy was with me both weekends and he just laughs as I buy stuff....knowing full well I will probably keep it. The blue dresser is going to replace a piece of furniture in a guest room. The burlap lamp shade has not found a place yet...but probably will and the Tea Room sign I think is going to the lake. We had a GREAT time in Canton last weekend. Got some great stuff and met some wonderful people. We stopped by LaurieAnna's and finally got to meet the crew. They are always so busy on Canton weekends and I hate to interrupt. How wonderful they are. Of course, found some treasures we just had to have. If you have not been to her store in Canton...don't walk...RUN! We worked on our booths this week also, I will get some pictures posted soon. Have a great (COOL) week.


  1. Ahhh! The blue cabinet is way wonderful! And the burlap lampshade would stay in my house, too. You did get some goodies! Hey. The way I see it, it's a rotation. Things start off staying in my house, then they rotate out for new goodies, eventually! Good haul! ~Mindy

  2. Fun treasures! I would keep them all too. But that's just me:)
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  3. WE ALWAYS love seeing Denis in Canton!! Love the blue chest and lamp shade! We survived the heat, but WOW was it a hot weekend.....I plan on staying in the AC or in the pool this week!!! Happy Junkin....Cathy aka "Girls Gone Junkin"

  4. Hey...I'm one of the crew members from LaurieAnna's, I met you! I'm Tina. Cherry Hill Cottage...
    I have that same 'sickness'...I want to keep it all too!! I have an 'etsy' shop, it's so sad...I buy loads of stuff to put in it to sell~ never happens! ;- (
    Love all your 'stuff'...
    Hope to see you next Canton weekend!