Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Eclectic Departure....

You know what you get when you sell a 4 piece dining room set out of your booth???? A floor full of dishes! So you rush to the garage to see what you have and start to clump pieces together that match....the biggest pile wins. Who knew I had been buying so much white, black and silver???? You cram it in your SUV and head for the mall with no image at all of what this will look like. I must admit, I was a little worried as I looked in the back of my car in the rear view mirror and saw all this junk...I mean treasures. As I unloaded all this stuff and piled it in the middle of our booth, I know other vendors thought I had lost my mind. You finally pick a spot and just start hanging stuff and slowly, it all starts to click. A little more eclectic than we have done before, but fun! Now the true test...seeing if any of it sells. I can't decide if shopping for this stuff or decorating with it is more fun????


  1. Ok Denis, I want those awnings, the E U, the candleabras and those lockers. Can you make that happen? Just load it all back in your SUV and bring it to Round Top this weekend :) It all looks great and I'm with you, I love to shop but I love to display it all too!

  2. Looks fantastic!!!! Thanks for the well wishes...LOve Tiina....