Monday, July 26, 2010

1947 Geep Yearbook...

I was at Half Price Books and found this GREAT 1947 Grand Prairie High School "Geep" Yearbook. Want to know who was the "Football Sweetheart" in 1947, you got it! Want to know "Who's Who" in it is. I LOVE these old pictures, just such an innocent time. Even they way the girl is sitting in the Freshmen Class Officers picture reflects the times. From the clothes (notice the Johnny Cash look of the guy in the Junior Favorites picture) to the hairdo's (love the principals stylish look) is so much fun to look and smile. I also loved the advertisements in the back (the last 3 pictures). Notice that the Cannon Radio Shop will, "Keep Your Home Gadgets in the Pink". At Baker's Service Station, they do, "Greasing, with a Squeek Eliminator". And, J.B. Sims Dry Goods gives Brown Stamps! We always had Green Stamps, I don't remember Brown Stamps. Look at the phone can call The City Dry Cleaners at 163. Some of the comments from classmates are great (I did not take pictures of these) anonymous classmate wrote, "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Angel in Heaven thought you were Good Looking". Not so much a poet, but sweet. But my favorite is from Mutt...he wrote, "Dear Phyllis, I think you are very mean. Here's hoping you have a life time with Pea Salad". I could not think of anything worse! I don't know anyone in this book, but LOVE to look and smile.

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