Saturday, July 24, 2010

It ALL Starts With a Blue Table....

I bought this wonderful blue shabby table from Laurie Anna's last time I was in Canton. I thought it would be a great table to keep and take to the Hico Homestead Show for use (not resale). Well, while it is raining outside one day and I am trapped inside on the couch, I decide that the blue table would look good in my "Work/Craft/Waiting to sell/Reason to Buy More Stuff/Collection/Catch Everything Room". It all starts with the blue table. The next thing I know, I have everything scattered all over the house and have cleaned out the room and started basically, I have moved the stuff that I had in the garage waiting for resale into the house and moved the stuff that was in the house waiting for resale into the garage. Fun afternoon! I especially love the old wooden motel room number signs above my guest room doors. Now I can tell company that they are staying in Guest Room #449 or 450. Although not a very practical is pretty! And I guess for some of us, that is all that counts. I hope it does not rain again telling what room will get redone!


  1. So, that's where all the mannequins are, they are at your house. Love the blue table too.

  2. I agree with Theresa about the mannequins! The girls sure could use another one!! Hint, hint.......I LOVE the numbers over each door way and also the mail box's! Every thing just looks so darn cute!!! Happy Junkin....Cathy

  3. Oh my!! How cute it all looks! Love the motel room signs over the doors!! Great idea!! Everything looks adorable!!
    Carol in GA

  4. Oh, I love your blog!
    I am signing up to be your newest

  5. Love the blue table, and the motel numbers above the doors. So much fun to redo, and you had all the stuff right there in the garage. Love it!